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At Smiling Stars we strive to ensure that the little ones feel relaxed, safe and happy. Surrounded by their peers, children can develop at their own pace and participate in specially devised age appropriate development activities. Thus enthusiastically learn new skills, and enjoy participation and sharing.

The focus of our childcare centre is to provide an enriched program that enables the children to develop in a warm and caring atmosphere. Each child will have the opportunity to grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, creatively, and physically. By exposing child to our unique & stimulating program, they will not only acquire new skills, but also form a positive self-image.

At our centre, each child is viewed as an individual with his or her own special needs and is encouraged to have independence through developing problem-solving techniques. Through interactions with child and mentors, we want to establish positive verbal and non-verbal reinforcement by providing a flexible curriculum that is child-oriented and mentor-guided.

Our centre will provide a home-like atmosphere of informality, security, and planned/unplanned experiences in which children can learn and grow.