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An Employee Welfare Initiative:

A professionally managed daycare facility, either at site or near it, plays a vital role in the functioning model of the corporate. With the valued experience we have gained during interactions with many renowned corporate brands, we have realized that the benefits of onsite daycare facility are multifold. Such initiative boosts the morale of the employees and thus is directly affecting the productivity of the employees as well.

With the advent of a comprehensive daycare arrangement, the premises become a better work place from the employee’s point of view. The subordinate or the workers feel relieved from the worries about their siblings and they can enthusiastically concentrate more on the work. They produce better results and attrition rate too reduces dramatically.

With this thought, Smiling Stars, a professional daycare chain with access pan India, initiated a dialogue with established corporations. Today, many renowned companies trust us for the quality of the services, we offer.

With the team of professionals and the modules, especially designed to precisely match the requirement, Smiling Stars is the preferred choice in the corporate world. Being the most coveted brand in Childcare facility today, Smiling Stars is associated with many renowned corporates, infrastructure companies and manufacturing giants in India.


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